Living In Darkness

ok, I'm listening to the album at the moment and Living in Darkness is playing, and slowly working it out along with it, so here we go. during the bass intro: Intro |------------------ |------------------ |-9~-----9~-----9~- |-9~-----9~-----9~- |-7~-----7~-----7~- |------------------ Main Riff |-------------- |-------------- |-------------- |-9-9-9--7-7-7- |-7-7-7--5-5-5- |-------------- repeat that around 5 times then: |-------------- |-------------- |-------------- |-------------- |-7-7-7--5-5-5- |-5-5-5--3-3-3- play above twice then back to: |-------------- |-------------- |-------------- |-9-9-9--7-7-7- |-7-7-7--5-5-5- |-------------- |--- |--- |-5- |-5- |-3- |--- ^ strum a few times then you'll hear it slides a little, so do: |----------- |----------- |-4/5-5-5-5- |-4/5-5-5-5- |-2/3-3-3-3- |----------- that's the riffs really from what I can see. then for the solo, I'm not entirely sure about this, but I think it may be based around the pentatonic on both G# and G. |-3-4---6-7- |-3-4---6-7- |-3-4-5-6--- |-3-4-5-6--- |-3-4-5-6--- |-3-4---6-7- see, that's why I'm not sure! lyrics Look at me now I've got no reason to be like everybody else so dumb, so happy I like things that bite things that creep at night everybody's asking me what's it like down there the concrete floor is cold and the walls are bare (chorus) I feel safest being alone living in darkness living in a world of my own I'm so selfish doing everything by myself I feel so good I'm gonna live to be a couple thousand years old ashes to ashes, dust to dust I thought I knew smoebody that I could trust Now I'm not so sure Repeat Chorus One whole lifetime I'm never gonna last unless I live until dying is a thing of the past and all these girls I know out turning boys into men I know I am never going down again never again Repeat Chorus