No Such Thing

Ok, I've worked this out in standard tuning, but it may be in Eb tuning, but here's the tab for standard. Intro |------------------------------------------------------------------- |------------------------------------------------------------------- |------------------------------------------------------------------- |------------------------------------------------------------------- |---------------------------8-8-7-7-----8-8-5-5-7-7----------------- |-5-5-7-7-8-8-7-7-10-10-8-8---------5-5-------------5-5-8-8-7-7-8-8- ok, I'm not totally sure about the last part of that intro, but that's as close as I could b bothered getting it. |----- |----- |-5-5- |-5-5- |-3-3- |----- Verse |-------------------------- |-------------------------- |---5-4-5-7---10-10-10-9-5- |-7-5-4-5-7---10-10-10-9-5- |-7-3-2-3-5---8--8--8--7-3- |-5------------------------ repeat this riff Chorus |------------------------------ |------------------------------ |---------x-9-x-9-x-10-x-10--7- |-x-7-x-7-x-9-x-9-x-10-x-10--7- |-x-7-x-7-x-7-x-7-x-8--x-8---5- |-x-5-x-5---------------------- that's the basic riffs. then for the solo, basically improvise around G pentatonic from what I can tell, with mayb a few extra notes in place, maybe ending up looking a bit like what's below. |--3-------6- |--3-------6- |--3----5---- |--3----5---- |--3----5--6- |--3----5--6- don't trust me totally on those though, it's just a rough outline from what I heard when listening to it