A party song

Intro: Eb Bb G# Eb Bb G# Bb Eb Bb G# Eb Bb G# (hold) Verse 1: Eb I took a walk for the very first time Ab On the dark side of the dance floor Eb Lit a match just to heat things up Ab But I got more than I bargained for Eb Ab Mixed drinks mixed feelings of elation Cm I should have known it Ab Bb was a one-night invitation Chorus: Eb Gm Don't sweat it forget it Ab Everything is a-okay Eb Bb Just let it Go then it's Ab Off to find another face Eb I'll make you come just Bb to watch you leave Gm You walk around with my Ab heart on your sleeve Cm Don't sweat it Gm Ab it's over now Our time ran out Interlude: Eb Bb G# x2 Verse 2: Eb I took an oath but I'm giving it up Ab You didn't have to see things my way Eb Nothing more than a casual fuck Ab Isn't that just how we operate? Eb Ab Let's drink to feelings of temptation Cm Ab You and I we're an overnight sensation (Repeat Chorus) Bridge: Cm Outside the brake Ab light's started to dim Eb I feel the tension that's Ab Bb been pulling us in Fm And then we Do it again Gm So we can feel all right Ab Bb Falling in love for the night (Repeat chorus) Outro: Eb Bb Ab Our time ran out Eb Bb Ab Bb Our time ran out Eb Bb Ab Our time ran out Eb Bb Ab(hold) Our time ran out