You Wont Dance With Me

You won't Dance With Me By April Wine Verse 1 (A)When I try to phone (G#m)They say you're not at home (G)I don't believe that it's tr(D)ue (A)And when we fool around (G#m)You always put me down (G)Now what am I sup(A)posed (G)to (A)do Chorus When you won't da(D)nce with m(Bm)e (G)And yo(A)u won't hold ha(D)nds with me And that's not the wa(Bm)y to b(G)e Gi(A)rl, you're treating me ba(D)d Verse 2 It's hard to say What I have to say and I hope you understand But Jill told Fred You wish I'd drop dead Now what am I goin' to do Chorus Chorus 2 So why should I bother to try | And why should I cry | > Same chords as chorus. When you don't want my love | When you don't want my love | ___ Verse 3 I used to walk you home Now I walk alone And it seems that you don't care And when we're at school You say I'm a fool Why must you treat me so unfair Chorus 1 Chorus 2 Questions, Comments? К.J Кеnnеdу