Sincerely Me

Chords used A5 C#5 F5 D5 E|-------------------------------| B|-------------------------------| G|----------6-------------7------| D|---7------6-----4-------7------| A|---7------4-----4-------5------| E|---5------------2--------------| (Verse) A5 C#5 F5 D5 A5 C#5 F5 D5 I can still recall, the way you looked that fall, in your favorite dress, the day before you left A5 C#5 F5 D5 But since that time, I wrote a simple rhyme (Bridge thing) A5 D5 And I miss you and the things you do, the times we had, the good and bad F5 D5 The day we met that I can't forget, signed sincerely me (verse) Are you cross, at your loss? But could you be more obsessive if i'd given you the chance? Since you asked, a reply but it's the last (bridge thing) And I miss you and the things you do, the love you fake, the hearts you break, the buzz you caught and the we fought, signed sincerely me, oh my god and don't forget p.s., I moved away to a new address, it's far and I think it's best, signed sincerely me (chorus) A5 C#5 F5 D5 A5 C#5 F5 D5 A5 C#5 F5 D5 Why can't it be like it was? The rain falls, the summer ends, Why can't it be like it was, A5 C#5 F5 D5 You always said you'd never go away (verse) And I confess, I was such a mess, I drove for 15 hours on this nasty greyhound bus, yes, I've returned, think that I would have learned (bridge thing) But I miss you and the things you do, the times we had, the good and bad, the day we met that I can't signed sincerely me, could you ever be a bitch like that, you broke my door when you stole the cat, someone that you even laughed, signed sincerely me (chorus) Solo thing e|------------------------------------------------------------21-19-17-----------19/21----| B|------------------------------------------------------------------------19-17-----------| G|--14-13-14-13-14-13-14-13-16~-18~----(x3)-----------------------------------------------| D|----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| And I miss you.... (repeat) e|------10-9-7-5----| B|------------------| G|------------------| D|------------------| A|------------------| E|------------------| At the same time, the second lyrics come in, and you can just play the bridge thing with it. The hope you give, the life you live, the cross you bear, the way you swear, the face you make when you our bed in the moonlight, the night we fought you were so distraught, and the lies I denied even when you god knows I apologize, signed sincerely me (chorus) Why can't it be like it was? The rain falls, the sun returns, why can't it be like it was? You always said never go away, you'd never go away (x2), signed sincerely me