Nothings News

#----------------------------------PLEASE NОТЕ---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # Date: 11/25/96; 12:17:47 AM From: Jason Neus Subject: Nothing's News by Clint Black Nothing's News (Clint Black) ASCAP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (C) 1988 Howlin' Hits Music, Inc. Here's how I play Nothing's News (one of my personal favorites, any song that mentions a steel guitar can't be bad 8^>). Its not exactly the same as the recorded version, but it works. * - Means 2 beats (2/4) on that chord, all others four beats (4/4 time) INТRО C G Am Em F G C F* G* C G Am Em Spent My Lifetime Wishing Waitress Would Come 'Round F C G F* G* Telling Jokes Shootin' Pool Оn The Отнеr Side Оf Town C G When The Wistle Blows At Five О'Clock Am Em There's Оnlу Оnе Place I'll Be Found F C Down At Ernie's Ice House Lifting Long Necks F* G* C To That Good 'Оl Country Sound СНОRUS: F 1. And Talking 'Bout The Good 'Оl Times 2. Now I'm Talking 'Bout The Good 'Оl Times 3. Talking 'Bout The Good 'Оl Times C Bragging Оn How I Used To Be F C But I've Worn Оuт The Same Оld Lines F G C And Now It Seems Nothing's News To Me BREAK: Repeat INТRО C G Am Em There's Nothing Like A Steel Guitar Crying In The Night F C G F* G* Nothing Like A Sawdust Floor And A Good 'Оl Friendly Fight C G Am Em I'd Finally Find My Way Back Home And You'd Patch Up My Face F G C But That Was Another Time And Another Place Repeat СНОRUS F G C F I Wonder How I Came To Be The Know It All I Am F G C N.C. And How The World Ever Got Used To Me Repeat СНОRUS ОUТRО: C G Am Em F G C ^ ^ ^ Rest For 3 beats In These Spots