Country Song

VERSEЖ D Dirt road Cold beer A Blue jeans G Red pickup D Rural noun, simple adjective [Spoken] A G And when you're not singing you just talk in the middle like this D No shoes No shirt A No Jews G You didn't hear that [Spoken] D You also didn't not hear it A G PRE CHORUS: Bm I walk and talk like a field hand G But the boots I'm wearing cost five grand D A I write songs about riding tractors G From the comfort of a private jet CHORUS: D I can sing in mandarin A And still know I'm pandering G Hunting deer and chasing trout Bm A Cold Bud Light with the logo facing out D Hear that subtle mandolin A That's textbook pandering G Bm I own a private ranch that I rarely use A INTERLUDE: [Spoken] D A G One verse, one chorus in the bag Now it's time to talk to the ladies I am hoping my Southern charm offsets all these rape-y vibes I'm putting out VERSE: D Good girl In a straw hat A G With her arms out in a corn field D A G That's a scarecrow sorry. Thought that was a human woman. start that over again D Cold night Cold beer A Cold jeans G Strike that last one D I want you A I hope you're feeling me [Spoken] G Once again just talking in the middle PRE CHORUS: Bm We go to bed and you doze off G So I take your country girl clothes off D I put my hands on your body A G It feels like hay, it's a fucking scarecrow again CHORUS: D White mics and pampering A Fuck your ears I'm pandering G I write songs for the people who do Bm A Jobs in the towns that I've never moved to D Legalize gerrymandering A Tolerate my pandering G You got a beautiful mouth Bm I got a beautiful dick. [Spoken] A You dumb motherfuckers want a key change? CHORUS: E Thematically meandering B phatically pandering A I got a tight grip on my demo's balls C#m B Say the word "truck" and they jizz in their overalls E You don't know what land you're in B I'm in the land of pandering A And I'll be upfront C#m B E I do what I do cause I'm a total fucking cunt..ry man