Kill Yourself

Verse 1: F Have you ever felt sad or lonely? Dm Have you ever felt two feet tall? Bb Have you ever thought, "Man, if only C I was anybody else at all." F They like to kick you Dm when times get rough Bb And you give your all C But it's not enough Bb C And sticks and stones might break your bones F Gm Dm C But words can break your heart Bb C And if you don't know where to go F Gm Dm C I'll show you where to start Chorus: F Dm Kill yourself, it'll only take a minute C You'll be happy that you did it Bb Just go over to your oven And shove your head in it F Dm Kill yourself, really, you should do it C There's really nothing to it Bb Just grab a mug And chug a cup of lighter fluid Verse 2: F I sound un-empathetic Dm I sound mean and rude Bb Suicide is an epidemic C F And I don't want to be misconstrued Dm Signs of depression go overlooked Bb So if you're depressed C Then you need to book Bb A therapy session C Talk about your depression F Gm Dm C Let a professional hear it Bb C But if you search for moral wisdom F Gm Dm C in Katy Perry's lyrics, then Chorus 2: F Dm Kill yourself, it won't be painful C If you are able Bb To give a little kiss to an oncoming train, you'll F Dm Kill yourself, it's over, mull it C There's a trigger, pull it Bb Get it through your head, "it" being a bullet Verse 3: F Stick your tongue in a plug Dm Suck a pipe of exhaust Bb Make some toast in the tub C Nail yourself to a cross F Hold your breath till it's gone Dm Drink a gallon of mace Bb Be gay in Iran C Let Oprah sit on your face Outro: F Jump off of a bridge Dm Skinny dip in a flood Bb Sky dive attached to a fridge C Drink a Haitian guy's blood F Break into the zoo Dm Give a tiger a shove Bb Eat a Phillips head screw C F Marry Courtney Love