Everything I Own

Everything I Own - Bread Intro riff - form an A major chord on the 4th string (i.e D-shaped chord with a bar across 7th fret) 4/4 time A e--9-------9----9-10f9------7h9------! b--10------10----------10-------10---! g--9-------9--------------9--------9-! D--7-------7-------------------------! A------------------------------------! E------------------------------------! 1 2 3 4 Verse 1 - fingerpicked chords, i.e. all notes in the chord played on each beat:- A A/G# A/F# A/E e--9----9----9----9---!--9----9----9----9---! b--10---10---10---10--!--10---10---10---10--! g--9----9----9----9---!--9----9----9----9---! D--7----7----6----6---!---------------------! A---------------------!--9----9----7----7---! E---------------------!---------------------! You sheltered me from harm D Dm A E e--5----5----5----5---!--9----9----7----7---! b--7----7----6----6---!--10---10---9----9---! g--7----7----7----7---!--9----9----9----9---! D--7----7----7----7---!--7----7----9----9---! A--5----5----5----5---!------------7----7---! E---------------------!---------------------! Kept me warm Kept me warm...... Repeat the above with:- You gave your life to me, set me free, set me free Pre-chorus Chord strums !Bm D !E ! The finest years I ever knew !Bm D !E D ! Were all the years I had with you And I would give... Chorus !A Bm !E D ! Every_____thing I Own. Give up my !A Bm !E D ! House, my heart my home And I would give !A Bm !E ! Every______thing I Own Just to !D !E ! Have you back again. Intro riff Verse 2 First 4 bars same as verse 1:- You taught me how to love, what it's of, what it's of But then:- !A A/G# !F#m ! You never said too much but still you showed the way !G D !A ! And I knew From watching you. Pre-chorus - chords as before, but with:- Nobody else could ever know, the part of me that can't let go. Chorus (as before) Bridge (Is there..) F#m A/E e--2----2----2----2---!--0----0----0----0---! b--2----2----2----2---!--2----2----2----2---! g--2----2----2----2---!--2----2----2----2---! D--4----4----4----4---!--2----2----2----2---! A--4----4----4----4---!---------------------! E--2----2----2----2---!--0----0----0----0---! someone you know, you're loving them so, but Dmaj7 e--2----2----2----2---!--2----2----2----2---! b--2----2----2----2---!--2----2----2----2---! g--2----2----2----2---!--2----2----2----2---! D--0----0----0----0---!--0----0----0----0---! A---------------------!---------------------! E---------------------!---------------------! Taking them all for granted. You may Bm D/A e--2----2----2----2---!--2----2----2----2---! b--3----3----3----3---!--3----3----3----3---! g--4----4----4----4---!--2----2----2----2---! D--4----4----4----4---!--0----0----0----0---! A--2----2----2----2---!--0----0----0----0---! E---------------------!---------------------! lose them one day, someone takes them away, and they don't G E (strum) D (strum) e--3----3----3----3---!--0----0----2----2---! b--3----3----3----3---!--0----0----3----3---! g--4----4----4----4---!--1----1----2----2---! D--5----5----5----5---!--2----2----0----0---! A---------------------!--2----2-------------! E--3----3----3----3---!--0----0-------------! hear the words you long to say. And I would... Repeat chorus and end