Keasbey Nights

(trombone) This tab is in A# and the octaves are tenor sax octaves. So a trumpet can play this, they'll just have to figure out the octaves. Figure 1: +D2 +D2 +C1 B1 -B1 B1 E2 +D2 +D2 +D2 +C1 B1 -B1 B1 B1 C1 +C1 +D2 +D2 +C1 B1 -B1 B1 E2 +D2 +D2 +D2 +C1 B1 -B1 B1 B1 +C1 B1 Gotta keep holding on. +F1 -B1 +C2 Transition (This is the sax part its on an offbeat: B1 B1 +C1 +C1 +D2 B1 E2 +D2 +C1 +D2 x 2 Bold +C1 Then the end is +F2 Refrain: by the end of the night... B1 B1 +D2 E2 +D2 B1 B1 B1 +D2 E2 +F2 B1 B1 +D2 E2 +D2 B1 +F2 E2 +D2 +C1 Figure 1 Well I wont..... +F1 -B1 +C2 Transition Refrain Figure 1 x 4 Refrain End with B