This is my first tab but im pretty sure it's all right. Im not sure what the name of the song is, i think it's called remember, but i do know that it is number 5 on the new cd, and im 90% sure this is right. Tuning- Db Ab Db Gb Bb Eb x-palm mute Play this with distortion Eb------------------------------------------------ Bb------------------------------------------------ Gb------------------------------------------------ Db-0-0xxx-3-0xxx-1-0xxxx-0-0xxx-3-0xxx-1-1-2-0---- Ab-0-0xxx-3-0xxx-1-0xxxx-0-0xxx-3-0xxx-1-1-2-0---- Db-0-0xxx-3-0xxx-1-0xxxx-0-0xxx-3-0xxx-1-1-2-0---- That's all i have for right now but when i get the rest down i'll get it to you.