Body Crumbles

***************************Band- Dry Cell**************************** ************************Song- Body Crumbles************************** ************************Album- Disconnected************************** Intro E-----------------------------|------------------------------| B-----------------------------|------------------------------| G-----------------------------|------------------------------| D---------1-2-1-----2—--2-1---|--------1-2-1-----2-4-1-2-1---| X’s 2 A—4-0-4-4-------2-0---------2-|4-0-4-4-------2-0-----------2-| E---------------------4-------|------------------------------| I played this on an Acoustic, and yes it did sound really crappy but you know t was all i had at the time. This isnt that hard if you have any corrections or just wanna talk to me then e-mail me at, and if ne of the memebers of Dry Cell read this Jeff- I want your Boxers ||| Judd- I love your hair ||| Danny- I love your mad skills ||| Brandon- Your nickname is still Mr. Beat Alot.... ;)