Would I Lie To You

Eurythmics - Would I Lie To You? Transcribed 17/08/98 by Mike Garoghan Amended 14/01/2000 Any comments or corrections please email> >mike@psiron.demon.co.uk Tab01-INTRO Hold the shape for D7sus4 E----------------------------------------------------- B----8-----------8-----------8-----------8---7---8---- G---5-----------5-----------5-----------5--5---5---5-- D--7-----------7-----------7-----------7------------7- A-5-----------5-----------5-----------5--------------- E----------------------------------------------------- Tab02-MAIN GUITAR RIFF A A G A D A G G C G E--5---5-3-5----5--5---3---3-3-3-- B--5---5-3-5----7--5---3---3-5-3-- G--6---6-4-6----7--6---4---4-5-4-- D--7---7-5-7----7--7---5---5-5-5-- A--7---7-5-7----5--7---5---5-3-5-- E--5---5-3-5----5--5---3---3-3-3-- Chords D7sus4 -xx 05 07 05 08 xx D -10 12 10 11 10 10 C7 -07 09 07 08 07 07 @ Would I Lie To You? Intro-see tab01 Main Riff-see tab02 Would I lie to you? Would I lie to you honey? Now would I say something that wasn't true? I'm asking you sugar Would I lie to you? D7 D7 My friends - know what's in store D7 D7 I won't be here anymore C7 C7 I've packed my bags C7 I've cleaned the floor C7 Watch me walkin' Walkin' out the door Main Riff (Believe me - I'll make it make it) Tell you straight - no intervention To your face - no deception You're the biggest fake That much is true Had all I can take Now I'm leaving you (Believe me - I'll make it make it) Chorus repeats (Watch me - watch me! Ooh yea) *************************************** *************************************** THE BLUE NILE LYRIC AND CHORD PAGE http://www.psiron.demon.co.uk/ *************************************** ***************************************