The End Of The Day

Am So, that’s all: C Dm Violins finish their Nice song, Guitar plays their weary Plain twang, Am Em And we are tired of our journey F Am To the focus of the ruins of men’s souls. The drum beat Reverberate in our Heart’s rhythm, And the piano Sounds like feels’ stream, That wash away the last temptation To disrupt the serenity of world. Chorus: Am Dm Common sense has won the madness, G Dm Humor has destroyed the grief, Am Dm Therefore, today in evening F We can drink Dm A cup of tea… Books at home are waiting for the reading them In warm and soft bed. Family is cooking dinner, F Dm Waiting, when you buy the bread… F Dm Now you must to understand: Am Dm It’s the greatest day’s end! But twilight Hear your exultant voices, Continue to impose Its choices Between black silent and sick noises Of the avid and exhausted Lucifer. But this day Has filled the understanding’s Vessel, Illuminate sinister trestle… We get time for the honor rest At peaceful and attentive mindful home. Chorus E Am Dm G In the end of the day let’s relax and fly away! Sit around a fireplace, think about the bygone grace… Listen to beauty’s sounds, try to count sky’s grounds. Contemplate story’s end, hiding in the golden sand. In the end of the day let’s relax and fly away! Am Dm But skyline G Dm Is close to the fall, Am Dm And we have G Dm To find the way home. Am Dm Come back to the one G Dm Who loves no matter more. Em Home is not F The only place, Am It’s all time and space In which the love reigns!