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Gorillaz, 5/4. Tabbed by SCILLET, scillet1_woc@hotmail.com. HEY. THIS SONG IS A REAL SIMPLE ONE TO PLAY. AND IT'S RIGHT. YOU'LL KNOW THAT WHEN YOU TRY IT.THERES BITS AND PEICES LEFT OUT BUT I'LL GET THEM IN SOON. THIS IS THE VAST MAJORITY OF THE SONG.MAIL ME AND I'LL SEND YOU OTHER GORILLAZ TABS TO. INTRO, VERSE E----------------------------------- B----------------------------------- G----------------------------------- D--7-7---12-12-12---7-7---10-10-10-- A--7-7---12-12-12---7-7---10-10-10-- E--7-7---12-12-12---7-7---10-10-10-- WHEN YOU MOVE TO EACH ON YOU'LL PROBABLY HAMMER THEM. BUT ITS SOUNDS GOOD EITHER WAY. I'LL GET THE REST IFF THE STUFF IN SOON. AND THE CORRECT VERSION OF CLINT EASTWOOD. CAUSE THAT ON SUCKS. LATER --SCILLET-- :: Ultimate Guitar Archive :: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com