More Than Amazing

Capo 2 Intro: G Em D C Verse 1: G You're the one who walked on water Em And You calmed the raging seas D C You command the highest mountains To fall upon their knees G You're the one who welcomed sinners Em And You opened blinded eyes D C You restored the brokenhearted And You brought the dead to life Pre Chorus: D Em C Forgetting all our sins D Em C You remember all Your promises Chorus: G You are amazing Em More than amazing D Forever our God C You're more than enough (You are amazing) Intro Verse 2: With authority You've spoken And You've set the captive free You're the King who came to serve And You're the God who washed our feet You're the one who took our burdens And You bled upon the cross In your kindness and Your mercy You became the way for us Pre Chorus Chorus (2x) Bridge (4x): G Oh how marvelous Em Oh how wonderful D Oh how glorious C You are (amazing) (only first and third time) Chorus (2x)