Blue Night

Michael Learns to Rock - Blue Night Intro: C G D G D Em C G D G D G E--------8-7-5------------------------------------8-7-5--------- B--5-7-8------------------12-10-8-10-7-8--5-7-8---------8-7-8--- G----------------7-7-9-12--------------------------------------- D--------------------------------------------------------------- A--------------------------------------------------------------- E--------------------------------------------------------------- C G D Lately you have been asking me G D Em If all my words are true C G D G Don't you know I'll do anything for you C G D Sometimes I haven't been good to you G D Em Sometimes I've made you cry C G D And I am sorry for everything C D But I promise you girl, I promise you this Chorus : G C D G When the blue night is over my face Em C D Em On the dark side of the world in space G C B Em When I'm all alone with the stars above C D G You are the one I love C G D So there's no need to worry girl G D Em My heart is sealed for you C G D And no one's gonna take it away C D Cos' I promise you girl, I promise you this [Chorus] D C D C D Em G Your voice is calling to me in my dreams D C D C D B7 My love is stronger than it's ever been Solo: G D Em D Em C G D E----------------------------------------------------------------------- B--7h8-4h5-3------------------------------------------------------------ G-------------0-0h2p0-3h4-2-0-2-0--------------------------0-2-2h4-2---- D---------------------------------4-4h5--4h5-4-0-0h2-4h5-2-------------- A----------------------------------------------------------------------- E----------------------------------------------------------------------- Em G D E----------------------------------------------------------------------- B--4h5-8-11h12-10-8-8h10------------------------------------------------ G----------------------------------------------------------------------- D----------------------------------------------------------------------- A----------------------------------------------------------------------- E----------------------------------------------------------------------- [Chorus] x 2 G C B Em When I'm all alone with the stars above C D G You are the one I love Enjoy the song...any comments email to