Backseat Love

Backseat Love, by N*E*R*D From the album Fly or Die tabbed by Sean Svadlenak Riff A G------------------------------------| D----------0h3-5-5--0h3-5-7----------| A--0h3-5-5-------------------0h3-5-5-| E------------------------------------| Riff B G-5-3-1-0-5-3-2-2-5-3-1-0-5-| D---------------------------| A---------------------------| E---------------------------| Bridge G---------------------------| D---------------------------| A-3-3-3--6-6-6--------------| E---------------3-3-3-6-6-6-| Structure: Riff A 6x Riff B 1x Riff A 6x Riff B 1x Riff A 3x Bridge 4x Riff A until end Fun song, my first tab, by the way.