Fly Or Die

(intro) Bbm Fm Bbm Fm Bbm Fm Bbm C E F G E F E F G E F (verse) Dmaj7 Cmaj7 mommy daddy I know you love me Dmaj7 Cmaj7 bad grades playstation restriction you took it from me Dmaj7 Cmaj7 god forbid something goes wrong you call the police Dmaj7 Cmaj7 well guess what I found in the drawer of daddy's (break) Bbm Fm Oh God Bbm Fm (oh God) Oh God Bbm Fm (oh God) Oh God Bbm C (oh God) hey (chorus) E F G it won't be long till you E F see me on the news E F G a nother soul lost at sea E F while taking a cruise gasping for E F G air makes the righteous path E F harder to choose well it's either E F G fly or die sink or swim E F which one shall I choose (verse) (break) (chorus) (verse) (break) (chorus 2x)