I Cant Wait

Intro (chorus) chords: Am F G C/E F Dm F G C/E G Verse chords: Am C5(x35533) (VERSE):(Am)Sometime she talks to him (C5)Sometimes when she's only(Am) dreaming (C5) (Am)Then when she wakes up(C5) Somehow she still (Am)believes him (F) (G)Yes, I know you(F) Tho we've (Dm7)been (Em7)out of touch(F) (G)Yes, I know you (F)To be continued, (Em)it's too much baby (CHORUS):(Am)I can't (F)wait...I can't wait(G) Well Am I (C/E)wasting my time while you (F)make up your mind Well, (Dm)I can't (F)wait...I can't wait(G) (VERSE):She wonders how many more hours Her heart will feel broken In secret she says she needs to see him But no words are spoken She dances around in a circle Well she's got that feeling now Blame it on something at first sight Put the blame on me if you want to To be continued (CHORUS) C/E: xx2010 Dm7: xx0211 or x57565 Em7: 022030 or x79787