All Summer Long

ALL SUMMER LONG by Chris Rea Album: King of the Beach Am G I got my wheels Fmaj7 G I got my clean shirt Am G Fmaj7 G I've got enough to get me where she'll be Am G Skin is burning Fmaj7 G The heart's on fire Am G Take my own dream Fmaj7 G To the sea Am G All I know is Fmaj7 G She will be there Am G Turn it up Fmaj7 G Turn it on Am G Fmaj7 G All summer long G Turn it up Look ahead There's nothing but blue sky Kiss the rain And laugh as it goes by Learn to smile While everyone else cries Sing this song All summer long All summer long G Turn it up I've been waiting Through the winter I've been dreaming Of this day All I know is She will be there Turn it up Turn it on Turn it up Turn it on All summer long For the piano part play the following tones: a e g g e g f e g g e g e and g have to be played together