GIVERNY by Chris Rea From the album ?On The Beach? Intro: | Cadd9 | Cadd9 | Cadd9 | Cadd9 | Bbadd9 | Bbadd9 | Bbadd9 | Bbadd9 | VERSE 1 Cadd9 Deep inside these old dusty walls There?s a sacred heart Bbadd9 Cadd9 I?d know this garden anywhere She was warm, she was deep summertime Bbadd9 She was love itself and she was standing there (Bridge 1st verse only!) D Bb C Standing close, so close to me Dm Bb I close my eyes and I can see F Dm Bb Cadd9 Gm7 Am7 Bmaj7 Giverny, Giverny, doo doo doo doo doo Giverny VERSE 2 And in this strange and holy place I looked for love and found it everywhere It was what you saw she came to see Because of you, she was standing there VERSE 3 Books may burn and rain may fall But what is here I know will last forever more Colours change, there are no defines She was love itself, and I thank you for giving me?