Midnight Blue

MIDNIGHT BLUE by Chris Rea from the album ?Water Sign? Intro: |: A | A | D | E :| VERSE 1 A I got my money D D/E I got it here in my hand A Ok let me tell you D D/E This is how we stand A I?ve waited so long D D/E But a good thing?s never too late A So don?t take no chances D D/E Leave nothing to fate A D E I wanna walk tall in midnight blue A D E Look good, oh so good A D E D Step out in midnight blue, midnight blue | A | A | D | D/E | VERSE 2 I watch the razors with their class and their style Dressed to kill, man their lives is just one great big smile And oh I wanna be there when they dish that stuff out Cool and collected, man that?s what it?s all about So gimme, gimme, gimme I want midnight blue Oh I love midnight blue I?m gonna step out in midnight blue Oh gimme, gimme, gimme midnight blue | D D/A A F#m| E |