Looking at the sun

Am E+/A You belong the sun Am9 C I'm here the one who missing Cadd9 A#-5 In the night F Fmaj7 Looking for a day I'm very wrong: There is no shelter from the sun It is too bright I'm unblessed in high Припев: Am Am/C F E Everybody looking for the sun Am Am/C F E And everybody tries to have some fun Am G F E To live another ordinary day Am F Bdim7 E7 But no one sees that has lost the way... 2. I can feel your light Looking at me from the skies Like the sun I know you are the one You can fight the lead I can only see your shadows Down on me You are so far and free Припев. Проигрыш. I don't scale the pain I don't care about sun or rain On my way Ordinary day Looking to the light Looking is you by my side I feel free! You belong to me. Припев.